Facilitation Team

  • Moderators: Bishop, Carrie
  • Stack: Claire
  • Time: Cedric
  • Minutes: Maryann
  • Live Tweeting: Chuck

Introduction of hand signals

Core Values



Virginia – Occupy Austin Interfaith group – we’ll be giving kudos – give credit and thanks where credit and thanks is due.

Amanda – work with AISD

Debbie – from ACLU – she generated a lot of positive Media on Friday night

Natalie – getting ‘unarrested’ from 4 cops

Amanda – Monday the GA consented to endorse the action March 1st. “More teaching. Fewer tests. Education at it’s best”. Rally at the Capitol at 3 pm. Student walk out at 2 pm. Walk to Texas Education Agency. The state spends close to 100 million a year on testing.

Colin – Starting a group to make signs/flyers etc. If your interested get in touch with me. Meet me after the GA.

Kyle – a few of us have ben talking about starting a group – Jail Solidarity group – some of us are very familiar. We can go there anytime. We’re going to go hang out and talk to people about Occupy Austin – when people get out. Let them use our phones and give them cigarettes. Saturday 10 am – 1 pm. Please talk to me after GA. Recommend bringing bus passes. We’ll be meeting at the Travis county jail 10th and San Antonio.

Mike – 2 announcements

  • Occupy City Council. We will be there and have a presence. We would like to have our response about what is happening. The time frame we’re looking at is 10am – 2pm. We are trying to get a critical mass of people during that time. It starts at 10. Citizen’s communication is at noon. If you can come during the day, please do . Please bring a sign since we cannot speak during the meting.
  • Teach In – February 15th here at 6 pm – speakers from the ACLU/AFLCIO

CQ: Can we bring signs?

A: Yes

Claire: I have spoken at the City Council – they will throw out anyone who speaks out of turn. They will not hesitate.

Virginia: Not only will they ask you to leave – they will also give you a CT.

Joe – Tomorrow night is our first Spokes Council. If you are in a working group please make sure you have representation tomorrow night. If you want to know what our Spokes Council will look like come talk to me after the GA. It will be at 7 pm here instead of the GA.


  • Guerilla Gardeners made another Garden. 120 square foot garden.
  • 29th of February is a national day of action – Occupy the Corporations – Portland called for it – initially we wanted to occupy Monsanto. There will be educational components. We will use this day to build up for March 15th -. Www.occupymonsanto.org
  • Unitarian Church Solidarity Statement – they are going to have – creative solutions for space. Have them call on us if they have congregation members in need.

Jonathan – Love from me

Chuck – Occupy Austin End Homelessness working group

  • Outreach discussion at UT Social Work School – 7:30 pm – 9pm tomorrow (2/9) Talk to Bethany if you want to come. She’s on Facebook. If you are interested – talk to me after.
  • Next Regular meeting at 11:30 am here at City Hall

Alter – This is my first GA. I felt inspired to come out here after you were brutally shut down Friday. I’m a filmmaker and a robotic sculptor. I’m interested in theatrical and street interventions. I saw some really good stuff come out of Occupy Congress in DC. I visited with OWS and Occupy DC. If anyone is interested in direct action please come talk to me. I’m making a list of people who want to make direct action. Come talk to me if you’re interested .

Levi – I’m going to be talking about Ruta Maya about a space soon to meet up. I’m going to be bringing that as a proposal once Ruta Maya has agreed.

Claire – Cedric and John and I have all been making these beautiful shirts. We’re going to try and get these for donations. We’ll be getting some stuff for everyone’s project. Will you be taking orders and bringing them down here and when. I have a bag right now. The suggested price is $15 – but it is just a suggested donation. We have all different sizes.

Jason – I’ve heard from multiple people that when they logged onto occupyaustin.org website they received a virus. Can anyone look into that?

  • POI – it’s not true.
  • Joe – I can look into it – but it’s probably not true.

Amanda – I forgot to say that during the MLK march – I heard from some students from McNeil HS that they are looking for speakers to come and speak. Any 24/7 occupiers . The meetings are 4:15 – 5 on Tuesdays.

Next Occupy AISD meeting is tomorrow at 6 pm.

Jeff Ward show is looking for people to call and talk to him about why we occupy. Dory has his phone number.


Report Backs

Bishop – IT group

  • Freedom tower and power station were removed from City hall safely on Friday night. The general plan is to use it at the Farmer’s market and other events.
  • We need a truck to move it
  • Duffy – I have a truck

Maryann – SXSW

  • We are having a march – March 17th – Capitol march through 6th street and then end here at City Hall. We have a permit for this march. It will be awesome. There is also a meeting tonight at 9pm at Austin Java to plan our actions. We need more musicians and more people to do teach ins.
  • If you know musicians come talk to me.



Jason – I would like to start a subgroup to ensure that people are here when we are allowed to be here. I understand that people have jobs and lives – but we need to make sure that we have a presence here at City Hall. People will not give us credibility unless we have a presence here at City Hall. We need to have a presence here.

Joe – this is actually the announcement of a new working group!

Jason (2) – We had the strategy meeting at Dominican Joe’s. I think that we somehow get involved with Public Access Radio and Television.

POI – Public Access TV requires membership –

POI – I (alter) have a membership and it’s not active.

CQ – Would you be willing to start a group with me?

A: Yes!

Alter and Jason are going to form this working group.


Carrie and others (do not have a place to stay tonight)

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