George Leake Personally, I don’t have a bank account (being on the very low end of the 99%), though the only time I did have one, it was with University Federal Credit Union–chiefly because I believe in Economic Democracy & support Cooperatives whenever I can, and because I was a UT staff member. As to Credit Unions not being able to manage the City’s large assets, I would feel comfortable if the City at least banked with some local bank, the more local the better. I was thinking that there might be smaller segments of the City’s money that could be placed with Credit Unions–and why not consider issues of equitability? Why not portion out parts of the City’s money to various local financial institutions, including all Credit Unions? I think my main concern is I cannot fathom what the argument would be against the City of Austin moving all money from these large banks–the profits should stay here at home. I have many guesses, but I can’t think that the size of the assets would be that much of a problem. Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. Yeah – It’s pretty cool –

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