I moved from Wells Fargo to UFCU on the first bank transfer day and absolutely love it. When I went to close my account, the WF employees were rude and tried to rush the process even though there was no one else in line. I went across the parking lot to UFCU, and even though they were closing in a half hour, they were still glad to help me open an account. They had even prepared for the occasion am had trays of pastries and sandwiches. Wells Fargo is STILL trying to get me for fees. Quite frankly, they can suck it. Moving to a local credit union was such a great decision. No hassle. No BS. I’m very glad that the occupy movement organized the bank transfer day, or else I probably would have kept delaying the switch. I suppose this story isn’t too exciting, but I hope it helps with whatever y’all are doing. If you have any questions, please ask away. Power to the people!

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