By now we should all be aware of just how evil the big banks are. I’d like to give my two cents worth on local credit unions. That’s where one should have their money invested! Credit Unions (CU) have alliances that enable you to bank at other CUs. The Austin Alliance of CUs (AACU) is a network of 14 CUs with over 200 shared ATMs with no transaction fee. The Credit Union Service Center (CUSC) is a national alliance of CUs giving you access to 4.400 locations where you can bank – withdraw cash, deposit money, etc. You can belong to one CU and bank at thousands of partner CU locations in the U.S. Credit Unions are non-profit coops owned by members. They invest in the local community lending more to people and small businesses. Members select other members to serve on the Board of Directors. Credit Unions rock! Send a message to banks to stop their destructive policies. BTW – as we left Wells Fargo after closing our account of 32 years we handed the woman who was helping us a sheet of paper that listed many of the atrocities of Wells Fargo and told her “This is why we are leaving Wells Fargo, share this with your co workers”.

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