Facilitation Team:

  • Moderator: Robbie
  • Co-Moderator: Corey
  • Stack: Tara
  • Timekeeper: Amanda
  • Minutes by Lainie

Core Values

Hand signals




  • Divestment Resolution on the docket for City Council March 1. Meeting starts at 10 AM.
  • Legion is having a fundraiser at 1808 E. 12th Street, suggested donation $5


  • Wednesday @ capitol @ noon, begun by Occupy Portland – Shut down Corporations by anti ALEC
  • Prior to that, teachers are running a press conference
  • 12-1:30 – series of presentations, speakers, rallying, cheers to shut down ALEC
  • March 18th  – Gray Panthers Potluck & Interactive candidate forum (for DA’s office and Precinct 1 commissioner) UNSCREENED Questions. At Lion’s Gardens @ Pleasant Valley, Lion’s  Road & Weberville, starts at 1 PM with Potluck.


  • Welcome Wagon kite making at 1 PM at City Hall
  • Occupy AISD sign making at noon at Republic Square park
  • Sign Making at 4 PM at City Hall


  • FWG – not disbanding
  • Claire stepping back
  • Gee stepping up
  • FWG will be operating under the processes presented until we come up with something better


  • Sign making at Republic Square Park at noon, joining Kite making at City hall
  • March 2, education at its best
  • Rally at 3 PM at 11th and Congress, march at 4:15 to TEA, more rallying
  • Getting lots of emails from people who are just going to try to come
  • Morlog made Amanda and Dave admins of the Facebook account. If you have complaints, yell at Morlog


  • Has a petition about a forest that is going to be leveled for a parking lot.
  • Requesting email signatures
  • Beacon Crest area, peaceful hill area
  • Toxic waste dump next to it & auto shop
  • Zoning meeting on the 6th at City Hall at 6 PM
  • League of bicycle voters
  • Peaceful Hill preservation League

Steve: Pass


  • Can we turn our work groups into small businesses that earn money?
  • Bank Action could do foreclosure counseling
  • Guerilla Gardening could make money making gardens
  • Money has been withdrawn from WePay and two people will be getting it.
  • Talk to Claire if you want details
  • They are Joe and Michele – because they are such sticklers about protocol


  • We’ve looked into Alliance for Global Justice as fiscal sponsor
  • We’re applying for sponsorship & we should hear back from them in a week
  • Web team – two new pages, templates for working groups
  • Each working group will have their own blog and vital information


  • Should be done by the end of next week
  • On Monday – interocc is having 1 to 1 with interocc in Portland for updates and rapport building
  • Will do more in the coming weeks

CQ: Does finance have permission to apply for fiscal agency

CQ: Are there really 40 working groups?

CQ: Do we really have to run a proposal in order to just send in the paperwork – isn’t that exploratory?

Answer: We did get permission to try this before, but it’s not a commitment.


No Quorum – no proposals


Special Topic

What should we do with the paperwork?

Point of Process: How much time do we have for this?

Two Minutes per person

We’ll try to fill out the paperwork and submit it before GA Monday

PoI – I have a friend who has experience with nonprofits and can help with the paperwork tomorrow

PoI – I don’t’ think we need to ask for permission from GA to send it in, just if we get accepted


Interrupting Point of Information – There will be a a proposal for $500 to pay Jordan’s bail, and we should not pass that proposal. We’ll know why.


Clarifying Question: What’s the correct procedure for getting this paperwork filled out?

PoI – It can be sent in, but we need consensus to make a commitment

PoI finance meets tomorrow at 6 PM – be there if you have questions



  • Would really like to work towards an online general assembly forum
  • Facebook group might be the solution
  • Wants to start thinking about it and is going to start working on it

CQ: Do you want it to be able to pass proposals, or just share information

A: I think it could be. And we can use it as a vetting process.

PoI: Facebook is evil. I don’t want to rely on that.

A: The reason I bring it up because it’s almost set up to do that, so we would have to create a system that would disallow trolls

PoI: Some people use pseudonyms on facebook, and it’s not really a guarantee of authenticity

PoI: Key signing might be a solution, but we would need to educate our people on the technical aspects.

PoI: It’s probably something that should be talked about with IT or web

PoI: RiseUp.net might be a solution, they are relatively secure and might provide a solution

PoI: Thank you – People who can’t be here are disenfranchised

Do we want to keep talking about it?


That’s it!

End of GA


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