Facilitation Team:

  • Co Moderators – James, Colin, Spencer
  • Stack – Tara
  • Time – Amanda
  • Minutes – Maryann

Group consensed to move proposals before announcements and report backs.

Colin introduced the hand signals

James stated our core values.



Maryann: Proposal to endorse party on Friday night during SXSW

GA consented


James:  Applying to the Fiscal Sponsor of OWS. In order to do this we need to have  P.O. Box.  I am proposing that we rent a PO box at the Post Office on Guadelupe.

Kit – POI: If you get mail bigger than the box they hold it for you until you can pick it up.

The PO box would have to be in the name of an individual initially.  We can decide who to use for that from the Occupy.

POI: You can put “occupy Austin” on the PO box as well

Friendly Amendment – Jamie: There is a house with 10 occupiers in it.  We can use that for the mailing address.

Carrie – CQ: Where the house is located?

Jamie – A: it’s on a bus line and within the city limits.

Restated proposal:  $52 for one year of a PO box.

Uncle G – CQ: wants to know if anyone has seen the letter// application from the fiscal sponsor.

CQ: Is the post office the cheapest?

Concern: Do we need to spend money when we can use our house?

Claire – Concern: I have not seen these people in a while.  None of us know where it is.

Jordan: Get in touch with us and we’ll give you the address-  We don’t’ want to give out our address over livestream.

Friendly amendment adopted.  House will be used.

Concerns: this will only be used for the fiscal sponsorship??


Concern: Only one person on mailbox is opening us up for coopting.

Concern: A PO box can have up to 25 people.  The pressure on one group of people is too much.  We need to have as many people as possible.

Friendly Amendment: Let’s use the Commune Address for the PO box.

Friendly Amendment adopted

POI: this is only about the application.

Friendly Amendment: let’s only use the address for the application.

Proposal Consented to  – Occupiers house address will only be used for the application.  Not to receive mail.


Steve – Legal: Give $500 to Stephanie the attorney who got Jordan out of Jail.

CQ: We owe her the money, right?

A: Yes

Jordan – POI: my felony has been dropped.  Stephanie Collins is a fuckin Saint.  I could have been in jail for two years.

Paco – POI: a lawyer quoted me 2K for this same issue.

Dave: He was thrown in jail for something he didn’t do.

Natalie – POI: we would already agree that we will bail people out for OA events.

CQ: Do we have the money?

A: Yes

Friendly Amendment: We get a Thank You card.

Amendment adopted.

Proposal is passed


Joe: Have proposals passed at two GA’s.  If a GA has 20-30 people we can have a proposal go through  two GA’s.

CQ: What happens if it there are friendly amendments at the second GA?

Joe: It would have to pass without amendments at the second GA.

CQ: Is it consecutive GA’s?

Joe: For simplicity, yes. This is not designed for complicated proposals.

Joe rejects all friendly amendments to lower quorum.

If at the second GA if there are friendly Amendments than it like it is starting over.

Joe restated – – we’re cool with it.

Proposal passed!


Duffy: I am making this proposal on behalf of Claire.  She needs a short term solution to get the money out of her accounts.  I told her I would bring a proposal.  Please remember that Claire can do whatever she wants with the money. Claire seals the money in an envelope that is sealed with the receipt with witnesses and the money is placed in my safe.  I would not open the envelope unless the GA consented to it.  When we have an actual account I will put the money in that account.

Uncle G: I am recommending that we close the checking and savings accounts – but leave the we pay open.

Carrie – POI: Leaving the we pay open would still leave money in Claire’s name.

Joe: You can also use my bank account.

Claire: the We pay account is empty.  The savings account now has $5 in it.  The checking account is waiting for the pending transfer from We Pay.  We prefer the money go to Joe.

Proposal is Joe then Guns (with Duffy)

Concern: What is the amount – $2,315.67 Plus 1,100 in the air from We Pay.

Uncle G – Concern: Joe is not a member of the finance.

Cedric and Claire: the money is for GA.

Uncle G: There is not as much money as we had.

Uncle G  – Blocked

90% consented. 

The proposal passed.




  • Next Sunday is a pot luck at Zilker Kite Festival.
  • March 4th at 10 am – 5:30 pm (Pot luck all day + Kite Festival!)
  • We’ll be helping with recycling and pick up.


  • Wednesday is Monsanto Fun Times.
  • Fedricksburg action has been cancelled.
  • Lockhart – meet at noon at Hooters on Barton Springs.
  • If you’re here in Austin talk to Dawnielle.
  • OATS meeting at Dominican joe’s afterwards.

Colin: Art Group – Sunday’s at 4 pm. This week we’re going to move to the Kite Festival.


  • 4 days away from March 2nd Action!
  • Friday 3 pm 11th and Congress
  • Rallying until about 4:15 when we march to Texas Education Agency.
  • State Board of Education – George Clayton is coming to speak.
  • Maybe Jim Hightower.
  • Please, please come if you can
  • AISD has decided to extend the opt-out deadline for IDEA charter schools.  You can still opt-out.
  • Charter schools are the 1% taking over our public schools.

Laine  – POI: Eastside Memorial High has 8 teachers leave.  Some of the students are politicized about this issue.

Amanda: They are no longer getting donations to the school.

Ezlerh: there are occupations in solidarity with us all over the world.  It is inspiring to me.  This is an idea.  I brought some candles.  I’m going to light my candle and walk from here.  October 6th changed everything for me.  I’m going to go, in solidarity with all the other occupations.   We need something that unites us that is even bigger than us.  I am going to the capitol.


Lists all the events that are coming up.

FB – events:

  • Wednesday – Food Supply
  • Thursday – City Hall meeting – many of us are on Citizens’ communications
  • Friday – AISD
  • SXSW
  • Women’s Day –
  • occupy may day – general strike


  • I’m here to invite you to the Ending Homelessness March  “Long March Home.”  They are opening a women and children’s shelter in our city.
  • March 9th 7 pm at Palm Park.  We’re going to meander and settle down with a women’s shelter.  We need a lot of women (and men) to come join us.

Jaime – POI: I will create the FB event under occupy Austin FB group.

Marissa, Benjamin and Jasmine:

  • We are travelers.  I met Dawnielle through Couch-surfing.  Benjamin has been traveling for two years without using any money.  I am making a documentary about Benjamin.Ideas about how we can create a society without money, you can also see the film trailer.
  • www.Fowardtherevolution.net

Maryann – SXSW: We need volunteers every day!  Sign up!


Report Backs


  • Twitter has over 8,000 followers.  We are transitioning from #occupyaustin to #oatx
  • May day planning is going through our labor working group,  Email labor@occupyaustin.org

Bank Action – Dave: Contact City Hall and ask them to divest from Bank of America.


Special Topic

United General Assemblies.  Perhaps on the 17th of each month.

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