On March 8, 2012, the Occupy Austin OccuQueers met for the first time at the Q Community Center located at 3408 West Avenue, just north of the UT Austin Campus.

This is a comfortable, quiet and beautiful community center. The Q staff & volunteers provided us with comfortable seating, a subdued atmosphere for discussion and coffee & snacks. This center is just off a number of bus lines — for example, take the #1 from downtown to one stop past Wheatsville Co-Op. Head West on 34th Street until you get to West Avenue, then head north till you see the purple building at 3408.

The OccuQueers will participate in

  • End Homelessness’ The Long March Home, Feb 9, 7pm at Palm Park, FB Event
  • Seeing Red, March 13 & March 20 from 12pm to 2pm at the State Capitol, FB Event
  • OccupySouthby from March 11 – March 17.
  • MayDay & Harvey Milk Day

OccuQueers Needs:

  • Teach-Ins on queer topics for March 16.
  • People to attend our next meeting. Tell your queer friends!

Next Meeting: March 21, 2012 at 5pm at the Q, 3408 West Avenue, Austin, Texas.

Minutes of the 3-7-2012 OccuQueers Meeting (#4)

I. Needs & Goals

Every Occupy Austin working group has been asked to plan 60 day Goals (near term) and what we hope to accomplish in the long term — what would we like to accomplish by the time Occupy Austin turns 1 years old on October 6, 2012.

Short term goals:

  • Get Occupy Austin as a whole to participate in Queer Bomb.
  • Get Occupy Austin to participate in Harvey Milk Day. Approach working groups, etc.
  • Plan & execute a unique and visible OccuQueers action.


  • Teach-Ins on queer topics for March 16.
  • People to attend our next meeting. Tell your queer friends!
  • More fleshing out of our long term goals.
  • More outreach to existing queer groups & other queer people including queer people without homes.

II. Discussion of Group Mission Statement

Key issues identified:

  • occupy progressive positions ongender identity, orientaton, women’s rights
  • fleshing out our stances — dissatisfaction with HRC
  • opposing Pink Dollar
  • Why Queer Identity is Important — Like Occupying it’s an umbrella

 Kit will combine these notes and those from our first meeting and draft a mission statement by next meeting

 II. Seeing Red Protest / A28

 Discussed our concerns with the A28 War on Women action in Texas. They turned away two of our most dedicated female organizers, and have placed a white male in charge of the event from what we can tell. Their organizers have promised to attend one of our general assemblies this week, and we hope they follow through so we can clear up miscommunication. Until that time, the OccuQueers can’t consent to support this action.

OccuQueers do support the Seeing Red action on March 13 and March 20 and will publicize the event & try to attend. Attendees are requested to come to the capitol on Tuesday at noon wearing red to protest for women’s rights.

III. Long March Home

 The Long March Home is a protest to demand a shelter accessible to women in the city of Austin. It is planned by End Homelessness. It begins at 7pm at Palm Park at IH35 and 3rd. OccuQueers are requested to come early to help with sign making.

Carey Dunn will speak about the struggles of being queer and without a home.

OccuQueers are requested to come early to gather & make signs. Sign making starts 6pm.


OccuQueers want to raise awareness about being HIV Positive. “Positive is the new gay.”


IV. Occupy Southby

George Sanchez of Aids Services & the Q would like to help with teach ins in the future but is unavailable for Occupy Southby.

We need teach ins.

V. Harvey Milk Day

 We would like to bring a workshop about the Intersection of Queer Issues & Occupation

We want all of Occupy to be part of it. Carey will start bringing this as a special topic at General Assemblies.

Approach other working groups to field workshops:

  • Bank Action
  • End Homelessness
  • Occupy AISD
  • Corporate Personhood

VI. Mayday

We agreed to participate in MayDay. As the OccuQueers focus we want to highlight the traditional fertility angles of this holiday in addition to the Workers aspect. We’d like to arrange a maypole & use our actions to explore issues around gender, sexual orientation, and reproductive rights. We’re going to be working the details out at our future meetings but I wanted to let you know.We would like work the fertility angle of Mayday — Maypoles, etc. and use it to highlight the spectrum of human sexuality

Lets Bring the Party

 make Maypole — gender neutral or genderqueer?

ENDA — in legal limbo — draw attention to this

Healthy Debauchery!!!


The Q agreed for us to meet again in 2 weeks. We all agreed we liked this space, its atmosphere & facilities and that its a ‘free space’ — we are not expected to buy anything.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2012 at 5pm at the Q, 3408 West Avenue, Austin, Texas.

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