On March 5, 2012 Occupy Austin consented to join the United General Assembly on March 17, 2012. Here is the text of the proposal they passed:

At 7pm Central on March 17, 2012, as part of the regularly scheduled General Assembly, Occupy Austin will participate in the United General Assembly event (#UnitedGA on Twitter).

In preparation for this event, we ask the webteam to add a UnitedGA blog page to our site. In the general assemblies leading up to March 17, Occupy Austin will propose and attempt to reach consensus on a topic of discussion for the UnitedGA. This proposal will be placed on the UnitedGA section of our website. We encourage other participating occupations to follow suit.

At our March 17 assembly, after fielding normal local proposals, we will hold a discussion of our United GA topic and any others suggested by other #UnitedGA occupations. It will be at the discretion of the assembly whether we wish to discuss each topic, or to combine overlapping topics, such as multiple discussions of corporate personhood, into one topic.

The assembly will discuss each UnitedGA topic, with the discussion tweeted and added to our minutes as well as the United GA part of our website. Occupy Austin, and other participating assemblies, are encouraged to make a list of suggested solutions or actions related to each topic. If the assembly wishes, it may choose to issue a formal statement about the occupation’s view on a specific topic, issue, or action which will also be added to our website.

The United General Assembly is not intended to speak for the global Occupy movement as a whole, or even for all the participating assemblies. It is simply an opportunity to create a shared discussion among many occupations at once. All occupiers are encouraged to follow the discussions from other occupations as well as their own.

If the event is successful, and if the assembly consents, future United General Assemblies will occur on or near the 17th of every month.


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  1. Nice work! I appreciate you putting this forum together! I look forward to participating in a Directly Democratic National forum! The possibilities from this are endless! Keep up the beneficial impact!

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  3. Good plan,
    I’m passing this on to as many European Occupy/DRY/TTS assemblies as I can. Have you considered that 7pm your time is 1am the next day in Europe and 2-4am next day in the Middle-East? I guess it’s too late this time, but an earlier time would be great for us.
    – love from Amsterdam

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