For those who missed yesterday’s discussion on rape culture, Crumbelina Refusal Gee did an awesome job of defining the issue, describing the causes, and promoting discussion. Thanks to all who came out and joined the discussion. I’m going to post links to the information that was covered in the discussion for anyone who is interested in reading up on your own.

There are a series of videos of the discussion on our livestream, beginning with this one:

You can probably follow the stream from there.

Here are links to the articles Crumbelina used in her presentation:

Rape Culture 101:

Local and National statistics:

Rape Trauma Syndrome:

Male rape:

More rape statistics:

LGBT rape statistics:

If anyone would like to add their thoughts or feedback or links on this topic, please feel free to do that here. Thanks so much, again, to Crumbelina and everyone who participated in this discussion.

Next Sunday, May 6th at 5 PM, Teh Wordnerd and Sarah Watkins will be doing a presentation on ableism 101. I hope you all join us for that one. It will be at City Hall.


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