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Steve-Two cases Eviction, still needs videos at law office

CTs, and people being prevented from participating by CT

Pictures needed at: 1405 Montopolis Drive Austin, TX 78741-3436 Call them thursday between 1 and 4 512 474 5073 Texas Civil Rights Project

Ken- March on Bank of America on May 9 99% Spring Will gather at Capitol at 4:30 march at 5 POI-Dave:Ken’s a righteous dude. Q:Need any help? Sign making 4PM Far West Blvd. May 6th

Paco-New Jail Release initiative Peaceful streets project We’ll be there in the mornings to greet people coming out of court to document their stories. 9 to 1230 Tuesday mornings. And we’ll be there at night to greet people coming out of the jail to provide jail support. Bank Action-Restructuring the team, we need more people to step up. May switch to biweekly meetings. Need new folks to step up. Meetings Tuesdays at 7-9.

Carey- Meeting of Democrat Party LGBT advisor big wigs at Four Seasons in the morning. Some people are considering holding signs and giving testimony about ENDA. ENDA is an executive order to extend legal protection to LGBT people. 11-2, May 6th. Q:Where did you get the information, and have you reached out to Activate about the picnic? Equality Texas and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Dave- Bus for Dallas leaves Saturday for TPP protest. Leaves from AFL/CIO office at 8:30 (be there by 8, you can park there). 11th and Lavaca. Food in Dallas. 1000 people at rally. May Day went really well, thanks for your support. We had some interesting issues with stopping in front of BoA, and chewing them out with 300 people. A rough discussion is happening between Activate Austin and ISO; we’re hoping we can find a way to reach out to the folks who participated, and to bring back many occupiers from the past. I’m trying to reestablish my role as a non-magnet, support role occupier. I’m hoping we can find a new way to organize. I’ll be back in town May 13th.

Dan- Electoral news from the Justice party Rocky Anderson ballot access petitions are available. Americans Elect. First online round of caucuses. Americans Elect will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Claire- I went to see my lawyer along with Chicago. He told us, we had a choice. Probably all of the CTs will be dismissed…because they are nothing more than what is written on this peace of paper, which is not enough to do anything with. DA will simply let it go away. But, civil disobedience…we were, our civil rights were tromped on here. And though others don’t want to make a big deal out of it. I want a trial date, now. If you do that, they may find you guilty. I want a trial jury. This is what we do. Everyone who was arrested should do this. If you haven’t been arrested, go with Dave, and get arrested. facebook…I just popped on, I really am a dinosaur. I wanted a question answered, so I asked one person one question, it was taken the wrong way by the individual, and was insulted by my tone. Many people piled on and called me names. It’s not a place to do anything. It was misunderstood by everybody. POI-Lainie: If you’d like training I can help. No, I want out!

Lainie- Tomorrow at 5PM Nolan and Sarah are doing a teach-in on Ableism. Second in a series of anti-oppression workshops. Next Sunday, anti-oppressive parenting. Following Sunday 20th at noon at Pease park, Dave and Adrian are doing an environmental racism teach-in at pot luck. Also planning a discussion on all areas of oppression and how oppression effects our life. Welcome wagon meetings every Sunday at 6PM at City Hall to help plan teach-ins and pot lucks.

Paco-From Kit We’re concentrating our efforts on next week for ENDA. Meeting this Monday at 7PM at the Q.

Joe-Facilitation teach-in Sunday at 7:30ish after Interfaith.

Bishop- Away Team met with Occupy McAllen and they’re having margaritas.

Dave- We have a foreclosure attorney and a friend from new bottom line offering to do trainings for us. I want them to come and would love that, but I may not be able to attend. I made a post looking for someone to be point person, and we need a consistent flow of people. We’ll announce the training. Please come to Bank Action Tuesday to help determine that time.

Special topics

Joe-Non-violent communication discussion.

Paco-About the article in the Nation.

Corey-The new Open Mic facebook group.

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