Called to order at 7:10PM

Mod Amanda

99% Spring action at BoA on Wednesday May 9th

I’m here Monday nights, with water and snacks and friendship for anyone in need.



TPP rally and march on the 12th

Bus leaving from AFL/CIO, you can park there. Sign up online for the free bus ride.

About 30 occupiers on the bus, the rest filled by CWA

I’ve printed up What Is Occupy? fliers for distribution on the bus and at the event.

If you can go please do.

Public has been excluded from the TPP negotiations.

If you’re not going, send Dave an email ( to give up your seat.



They’re discussing a “Preservation of life” statement for APD. Several things going on.

White man with adopted black son who is autistic. His son has already been put in cuffs, and is terrified of cops. The father is afraid his son will run and get shot.

Autism training is available to police, but it is optional.

Claimed the police is not becoming militarized. Debbie Russell made the case that they should return to being a peace force



Viva Streets. May 20th, from 6AM to 4PM.

6th Street will be shut down to cars. Occupy it.



Anti-oppressive parenting teach-in. This Sunday at 5PM, Austin Java, with mimosas.

Following Sunday pot luck in the park (probably Pease park).



Peaceful Streets Projects is moving from Tuesday to Thursday from 9:30 to noon. They’re collecting stories of people at the courthouse.



A group of us went to McAllen to visit their GA, and were referred to many other surrounding Occupy groups. A rep from McAllen offered to contact those groups about #J4.



Safer Spaces-We’ve special topics for our meetings, where we talk about issues that have affected them.

Doc is underway please help.


Paco-Bank Action

BoA action. A MoveOn/99% Spring action to try to learn to fuck shit up for banks, the way Occupy does it.

POI-In solidarity with the occupation of the shareholders meeting in NC on the same day.

POI-The city council has passed an ordinance making it illegal to take magic markers into the building.

POI-Zach, he’s just raising money to get out of town, but is fine.


Lainie-Yesterday Nolan and Sarah did a teach-in on ableism. It was awesome and on ustream. They’ll be doing a series of those teach-ins.

If you want to do a teach-in on oppression, or want to learn about a topic, let me know.


We are short of quorum (19), and so no proposals.


Special Topics

Claire-What drew people to Occupy movement. I’ve been asking people.

Amanda-Idea for working group-focused GAs.

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