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President Obama should sign promised non-discrimination order now!


Austin, TX – May 10th, 2012:  The Occupy Austin OccuQueers Working Group will be joining with allies from GetEqualTX, today at 4:30 pm at Plaza Saltillo for the second installment of a series of actions targeting the Executive Non-Discrimination Order. This is the executive order that (if signed by President Obama) would grant protection from workplace discrimination for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or transgender workers in federal jobs, at corporations which have federal contracts, and in some federal housing situations. The Act would protect 25% of workers who work in federal jobs from discrimination based on LGBTQ identity or orientation.


OccuQueers working group organizer, Kit O’Connell states, “President Barack Obama needs to keep his promise and sign the Executive Nondiscrimination Order. It’s so basic and even less controversial than same-sex marriage. Over 70 US representatives and over 20 faith based groups have signed a letter urging Obama to sign. We’re glad Obama publically supports same-sex marriages and families but it’s time to back up words with action. We can’t wait any longer.”




About the OccuQueers Working Group: Occupy Austin OccuQueers is a group for gay, bi, trans, queer, asexual, pansexual, sapiosexual, polyamorous, straight allies — humans of any orientation and gender-identity — who want to discuss why queer people occupy. We meet regularly to share our experiences & plan actions.

About Occupy Austin: Occupy Austin is a standing protest against the unjust and harmful power of large corporations over the world’s economic and political systems and against threats to civil liberties and democracy at home and abroad. Our Occupation began on October 6, 2011.

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