OccuQueers educating commuters and Plaza Saltillo. Photo by Kit O'Connell.

Today the Occupy Austin OccuQueers visited the Obama for America headquarters in Austin, Texas for our second #WeCantWait action. Our first action was a silent protest with Get Equal Texas where we delivered pens and a letter about our cause.

The 5 of us in attendance at this action took the streets in an impromptu march from Plaza Saltillo to the Obama or America office, chanting “We Can’t Wait! Take the Streets!” As you can see in the video below, we were met respectfully by Megan Klein, the Central Texas Regional Field Director, who promised to share our concern with her boss, Texas director Hector Nieto.

In addition to the direct action, OccuQueers members also educated commuters at the Plaza by holding signs and handing out fliers.

Kit O’Connell will follow up with Megan Klein to make sure she gets the information requested. If possible, he will also follow up with her boss Hector Nieto.

This is just the latest in a series of actions to support what the media calls the “Executive Nondiscrimination Order,” which is an executive order Barack Obama promised to sign in 2008, protecting federal contractors from work place discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity. More actions are planne in this campaign until the order is signed and the Executive Nondiscrimination Act passes.

Video by Lainie Duro, Occupy Austin Welcome Wagon

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