From members of the Occupy Austin Housing Justice Working group:



Maria lives with her husband and 8-year-old daughter in a South Austin apartment complex. Shortly after she renewed her lease in March, the apartment went from needing minor work to being in near total disrepair. Neglected plumbing issues in the apartment above Maria’s have resulted in sewage leaking through a growing hole in the bathroom ceiling. Cockroaches and other bugs have gone from being an occasional nuisance to a regular presence. The front door does not lock securely, and recently-installed flooring in the kitchen is peeling, leaving sharp floor tacks exposed
Repeated requests by the family for repairs have been met with hostility and threats from the management company. They are currently in the process of taking legal action against property management, but under Texas law they must stay current on their rent or face almost certain eviction while waiting for their day in court. The family would like to live in safe housing and is relying on the legal system to guarantee that their affordable apartment is brought up to code. Maria recently lost her job and has struggled to find sufficient employment to meet her family’s needs due to the additional demands brought on by this housing crisis. Her husband is losing his vision, is not currently eligible for disability payments, and is therefore unable to contribute to the family income.

Out of a desire to help Maria and her family in their search for justice, concerned community members would like to raise funds to cover the family’s rent and utilities for the next three months so that Maria can find stable employment and remain housed long enough to seek remedies for her substandard housing in court.

We hope to raise $700 by midnight on July 1st and a total of $2100 by August 30. To make this happen, we need YOUR help. Even $5 will make a difference! If you are unable to donate but would like to support the family in another way or need more information, please contact:

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