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"Love is A Human Right"

Kit O’Connell of the Occupy Austin OccuQueers, together with Alex of GLITUR (affiliated with Occupy Seattle) are reaching out to all Occupy Queer & LGBT working groups, and any other interested groups or organizations to form a national (or international) network of radical queers.

We believe that queer activism is more than marriage. What good is the right to marry when we can still lose our jobs, our livelihoods or our lives simply for being out of the closet? The right to marry will not house or feed the many queer people without homes. We reject mainstream “pink dollar” gay-rights groups such as Human Rights Campaign and seek to connect only with groups engaged in civil disobedience and direct action, not those who sell out to the Democratic Party and corporate influence.

Our definition of queer is a broad one, encompassing activists identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, asexual, intersexual, leather, polyamorous, kinky and other non-heteronormative sexual orientations, lifestyles, and identities as well as straight allies.

We seek to form a network of queer activists to coordinate actions and share tips, tactics, targets, and solidarity. We have many ideas, but we’re starting simply by sharing contact information & beginning a dialog.

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Please contact the OccuQueers if you or your organization wish to be part of this network:


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  1. Please add OccupyEquality http://www.facebook.com/groups/occupyequality/ and OccupyEquality Africa http://www.facebook.com/groups/occupyequalityafrica/ to your Queer Occupy List. OccupyEquality & OccupyEquality Africa unites activists worldwide for LGBTIQ rights networking through our Facebook groups. LGBTIQ OccupyEquality activists occupy the internet to demand our unconditional unalienable human rights.

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