Displaced Residents Need Support As Fate of the Wood Ridge Apartments is Decided

What:  Code Compliance on hearing to permit, vacate, repair or demolish Wood Ridge Apts. located at 1900 Burton Dr., Austin, TX. 78741

Who: Members of Occupy Austin will be in attendance to offer their support

Why: This meeting is part of the process determining whether these buildings will be declared substandard or condemned outright. Residents of these buildings are mostly low-income working families and they need the support of the community to ensure their rights are protected.

Who Should Attend:  Spanish/English translators greatly needed! Anyone concerned about affordable housing in Austin, community activists, friends, neighbors, and caring citizens.

When:  June 4th, 2012 at 6:30pm

Where: City Of Austin Rutherford Lane Campus, 
Code Compliance training room 300.1
1520 Rutherford Lane Austin. TX. 78754

Media contact:

Occupy Austin Media Team


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