Dear Friends,

It seems our friends at Code Compliance are having difficulty making and keeping appointments, and following up with tenants. Can you please take a couple minutes out of your day to call Carl Smart, Director of Code Compliance at 512-974-1970 and deliver the following message:

“I am aware of the situation with Maria at the Canyon Oaks Apartment complex, and I have concerns about the fact that Code Compliance officers are not consistently scheduling visits in advance, not arriving on time when they do schedule, and not returning phone calls to the tenant in a timely manner. Working families need reliable service from your offices if they are expected to self-report unsafe housing conditions. I’m sure you understand how important your department is to those who are vulnerable to abusive and unresponsive landlords. You can expect me to continue to hold you accountable to their needs. If you would like more specific information, please call Sarah at 512-981-5630.”

(Please be polite, yet firm. Thank you!) ♥

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