Occupy Austin Housing JusticeDear Friends:

The Occupy Austin Housing Justice Workgroup invite you to the first of our community planning meetings Thursday, July 26 at 6 PM near the pedestrian bridge on Riverside and Lamar, across the street from Taco Cabana. 

Those of you who are able are encouraged to bring food and water to share with those who are homeless and/or hungry, as we will be dining together outdoors to begin the meeting, and would like to also feed those who do not have access to affordable, healthy food.

These potluck style meetings will occur weekly in this same location. All are welcome – occupiers and non-occupiers alike. ***Please join us in support of those who are currently living in substandard, non-code compliant housing.***

Please feel free to suggest agenda items. Full agenda will be posted by Thursday morning.

♥ Lainie


From our Mission Statement (which is a work in progress, so please feel free to offer constructive feedback):

Our objectives: to assist both current and displaced residents of substandard and non-code compliant multi-family housing projects with food, clothing, childcare, and temporary shelter; to collaborate with and provide support to existing housing justice and tenant support organizations; and to train and empower tenants to speak out against unfair and discriminatory property management firms, to demand accountability from sub-standard property owners and petition city leaders to put ordinances in place to compel legal compliance by offending property mgmt. and owners.

Where you come in: By no means do we consider this statement representative of the “99%” nor of the thousands of Austinites living in substandard or unaffordable housing. In order to fully engage and empower those residents, we need your help. We need you to make every effort to step out of the digital world and into the reality of poverty and gentrification.

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