The Occupy Austin OccuQueers met on July 25 at the Q Community Center.

I. General Update

The OccuQueers meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm. This contradicts our previously announced meeting schedule of every other Wednesday at 5:00pm.

We continue to meet at the Q, 3408 West Avenue.

II. Obama Unwelcome Reportback

The Obama Unwelcome was successful. Many banners & signs including some on ENDA & the executive order on queer nondiscrimination. We appeared at key points near his route and Austin Music Hall appearance. GetEqual Texas had a floating banner on Town Lake. Police over-reaction when we protested his $25K/plate dinner at the 4 Seasons led to greatly increased attention from Obama supporters.

Mac’s plan, the ‘Do Not Kill List’ street theater action was tested on a few supporters waiting in line, with video collected and waiting to be edited. This action needs to be refined and tried again. One voluteer made a great ‘official’ looking form to keep on a clipboard with talking points for engaging people.

III. Chik Fil A Kiss-In

This is supposed to happen nationally on August 3. We discussed how the mall might be a juicy target but has harsh security guards. Not much interest in organizing our own kiss-in but we will lend our support if the community organizes one.

Michael (of GetEqual TX) said he’d send us info if he hears of one.

Mac said he’d try to find out about a zoning board meeting in his neighborhood about a Chik Fil A wanting to move there.

IV. Austin Pride

We wish to target Pride sponsors Wells Fargo and Hyatt (for their treatment of hospitality workers). Also because of overall class issues — you have to buy tickets to get into the Pride ‘Festival’ though the parade is free (duh).

Austin Pride schedule, Sept 22:

11am-6pm Festival at Fiesta Gardens(tickets only)

8pm Pride Parade from Capitol to the 4th St Gayborhood/Warehouse District

How do we bring attention to Wells Fargo & Hyatt when the parade does not pass them and on a Saturday? Arrange actions near Pride earlier in the week? Lots of traffic on the Hike & Bike trail near the Hyatt in afternoons.

Arrange for Party Wagon and do a street party later Sat night like Occupy Seattle and give fliers at the march?

Let’s look at the whole community not just the middle class – Mac

Kit: reach out to Unite Here San Antonio & OATX Party Wagon people

Carey: Reach out to Queerbomb

Mac: Draft a letter about class & sponsorship for Austin Pride

IV. Solidarity for Beau & Major

Tiffani (GetEqual TX) called in to report on us.

Beau & Major were arrested in civil disobedience in Dallas for performing a sit-in after applying for a marriage license. Although arrest was expected, charges are especially severe.

August 2-8 is a national call for solidarity action. Austin action will probably be August 4.

We will publicize the day and look for people interested in joining. Looking for gay couples to attempt marriage, straight couples and others in support. GetEqual has some funds available for marriage licenses, legal fees etc.

For now: Recruit people/publicize date, wait for more info from GetEqual

Mac: Reach out to pastors who might be interested in joining

Kit: Reach out to Interfaith groups

Tiffani & Michael: Feed us info as plans develop

V. Other Notes

Housing Justice ‘picnics’ coincide with a major Austin feeding at the University Baptist Church, consider whether to avoid conflict with major homeless feedings.

Danny: Continue encouraging OccuKripz to meet and work on crafting a letter to AIDS Services of Austin about accessibility of bathrooms at the Q


Next Meeting: August 8, 5:30pm at the Q (3408 West Ave)

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