The Occupy Austin OccuQueers met on August 8, 2012 at the Q Community Center.

I. Chick-Fil-A Kiss-In Reportback

Carey attended the Team ProHomo sponsored Chik-Fil-A Kiss-In. About 50 people attended. Chik-Fil-A staff gave out free water and food. Two sheriffs were present inside the shop but did not interfere.

We shared our collective disgust at ‘Starbucks Appreciation Day.’

II. Do Not Kill List Video

It’s online. Go watch it.

III. Chalkupy the World

Occupy Austin will gather at the SW Corner of 11th and Congress on Thursday, August 9 at 5:30pm. Members of Peaceful Streets will hopefully be present to film. Chalk all the things!

IV. Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Class

Iana of Get Equal TX will teach us her 3 hour nonviolence training on August 18 if we can find a place and suitable equipment.

LOCATION: ADAPT or the Q. Sarah will check on ADAPT availability as our first choice.


Internet access ( can use phones in a pinch)

Handcuffs (ADAPT / Sarah W)

Zipties (Kit, Sarah or various people have zipties)

Projector (Kit can borrow from his house?)

Still need:
Spray bottles

Cushy Gym mats

Delicious snacks and refreshment

V. Pride Planning

Matt from Unite Here San Antonio called in.

GetEqual TX says OccuQueers & Unite Here San Antonio can join us at their Pride Festival booth & march with them in the Pride Parade.

Hyatt: steals wages and tips, engages in union busting, and is otherwise known for its unethical behavior toward workers. See Hyatt Hurts

Matt from¬†Unite Here will get us material we can distribute about the Hyatt campaign and will check with Unite Here staff to get them involved — what they want to contribute, signing off on our letter, liaison with Occupy Bexar on this etc.

We would like to target both Wells Fargo and Hyatt during the lead up to Pride and on Pride day.

We need to get Mac’s letter to Austin Pride ready ASAP and signed off on

VI. Accessibility at the Q

OccuKripz are inspecting the Q for accessibility issues. Bathroom and shower are inaccessible. Accessible parking lot & ramp are hard to find and not well labelled.

The Q is sympathetic but does not control their finances (fiscal sponsor AIDS Services of Austin does). Sarah W is drafting a letter for AIDS Services of Austin to discuss at next OccuQueers meeting (August 17th, 2:30pm at ADAPT, 1640A E 2nd St), and will also run it by a legal contact.


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