Come out and celebrate 1 year of resistance in ATX with Occupy Austin!!!

October 5th, 2012
Peter Cooper – 512-924-7561
Jesse Greiner – 512-845-9804
Lainie Duro – 512.415.8736
Ronnie Garza – 956-655-8551


On October 6th, 2012,( the anniversary of the Austin Occupy Movement) Occupy Austin’s Ending Homelessness Working Group will initiate a Tent City to target the wealth of vacant property in Austin, Texas. This will begin a fulltime, 24 hours a day/7 days a week occupation which will bring unused buildings and vacant lots into community use.

In the weeks approaching October 6th, members will be erecting tents around the City of Austin at city landmarks and potential targets for re-use. The eventual location of Tent City will be undisclosed until October 5th. We intend to interrupt the system that segregates empty homes and homeless people.

“In the American Dream, we should all be able to live somewhere that meets our basic needs, whether in a house or in the woods. Those of us on the street should be able to determine what works best for us. We are creating housing for ourselves, not waiting for the government,” says Ending Homelessness Working Group member Jesse G.

On October 6th, the day of our anniversary, feel free to join us for events following this schedule:

Celebratory actions are already in progress all over the city, and we encourage you to participate. Just use this map to plan your target, remember to use the buddy system, and please abide by principles of non-violent civil disobedience.

9AM-3PM Morning of actions. Affinity groups will choose targets from our list of targets (or come up with your own target list!) all over the city, and perform whatever kind of action you like to shut down, disrupt, poke fun at, send a message, spread the word about #o6 or Tent City, etc. Bring tents, chalk, posters and paste, fliers, etc. Join us Wednesday to find the right affinity groups for you, or create one among your revolutionary friends.

11:45AM-2PM Many will be joining the March Against Hate, beginning at City Hall and ending at the Capitol. This is not an OA event, but many Occupiers will be in attendance, and a contingent of Occupiers will be marching back together from the Capitol to City Hall after this event.

3PM Popular Assembly at City Hall. An open mic for discussion about our week of actions, the future of Occupy Austin, real world actions we can take to make our July 4th vision process goals a reality, and whatever you want to talk about.

Meet at 5 pm at Highland Mall (North parking lot on E. Highland Mall Blvd across from Wells Fargo) for march to Tent City. If you’re at city hall for the 3 pm General Assembly, we’ll all ride together or with bus passes!

6PM-9PM Potluck, music, conversation, and fun. Bring food (or just your appetite, if you can’t bring food), instruments, information to share, and a willingness to teach and learn. Many may choose to break into small groups to plan actions for the upcoming weeks, or for that very evening. Autonomous action is encouraged.

9PM-11PM Possibly a movie, possibly more of the above.

11PM Party Wagon dance party. Maybe on 6th Street, maybe at Tent City, it just depends on how the day goes.

Bring a tent!

Please post information about your autonomous actions, solidarity actions, and anything else that is pertinent and safe to share in public.

The Ending Homelessness Working Group, made up of homeless, formerly homeless, and housed individuals, has been organizing since January 2012 towards shelter for all and an end to ordinances targeting the homeless and the poor. Our February 4th silent march against the ordinances also served as a response to the eviction of Occupy Austin’s encampment at City Hall where a number of homeless men and women had been living and organizing. The Working Group raised the demand for a women’s shelter, which was acted upon after the death of Valerie Godoy in Duncan Park, members of the working group have participated in the organizing of the shelter.

A Facebook event page for Tent City Rises can be found at the following link:

A Facebook event page for Occupy Austin’s 1 year anniversary can be found at this link:

ALSO, PLEASE BE ADVISED: There has been a press release regarding Occupy Austin and Oct. 6th circulated by a woman named Sylvia Benini. Ms. Benini does not represent Occupy Austin. It would be much appreciated if this and future press releases from Ms. Benini that claim to speak for Occupy Austin be disregarded.

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