Tamitha. Homeless march 18th at 9am at auditorium shores, memorial tree

Mike. Walmart action on black Friday. Light brigade action week of thanksgiving. 4respect.org.

Bus drivers may go on strike next week.

Housing justice. I testified in small claims court as expert witness for woodridge residents.

Chris. Occupy the lege. How many will meet this Wednesday? Six issues, for the new sessions. Staffers will meet with us. Pre-filing is happening now. Voucher program is one of them. If you know anyone who might be active in this area get in touch. Rep corona is one interested rep.

Warm clothes. Bring them, we’re distributing to folks on the street. It’s getting cold.

Nov 26th The Senate Select Committee meeting on Open Government. (http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/commit/c585/c585.htm)

Chris N. Camp big bird bus pass action. Bus passes were handed out. Some went to Valerie. Need more passes. Christine047@gmail.com

Dave. Tomorrow hearing at city hall. Committee is taking recommendations to determine what requirements will be applied to companies that receive tax breaks and incentives when building. We’re working on those recommendations. These groups represent grassroots…petition drives and representatives talk. We’re trying to mobilize a physical presence. Affordable housing is the only bond prop that didn’t pass at the last election. Meeting at AFL/CIO, Saturday December 1st at 4pm.

Joe. OLB update. We’ve had four Overpass Light Brigade actions, three of which have seen police harassment. Last week, after GA, we had an Overpass Light Brigade action with the message “Do More Than Vote”. Police arrived, we called Debbie, Debbie called Art, Art called supervisor on the scene. Police drove away. We continued our message. We still believe firmly that our OLB actions are legal and safe, and they will continue at new locations and with new messages.

Orphans thanksgiving. We’ll be having a pot luck, and perhaps watching a movie on our big screen, for thanksgiving. If you can bring food, awesome, if you can’t bring food, just bring your appetite.

Revolution in the Park. Last Thursday of the month. We’ll try to do it indoors this time, since it’s getting cold out.

Kit. Twitter…tech problems. Hootsuite isn’t working. 100 new followers a week. 10200 followers.

Occuqueers meets this Wednesday at 530 at the Q. Mary Gonzales is a new legislator who is queer, we’ll be reaching out to her.

OATS meeting tonight.

Rolling Jubilee. Strike debt movement.

Tarsands folks here at OATS.

Ronnie. November 14th raising funds for rolling jubilee. Telethon. Starting with medical debt.

Need money for my attorney. Benefit money will cover some of it. $300. Six undercovers were involved in OA.

We’ve started a group to help distribute coats, clothes, sleeping bags, phones, etc. If anyone needs these 433-0988. Heal. Georgia grissett.

Corey. Disband Saturday and Wednesday GA and spokes. Passed. 100%

Kit. Be in solidarity with cap metro strike. Plus $50 for supplies to help provide food/coffee for picket lines, etc. Sarah has been talking to them regularly. There are two contracts. One will strike, the others are worse, but are not joining the strike. Passed.

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