On January 17, at the first Austin City Council meeting of 2013, Council Members Bill Spelman will sponsor and Kathie Tovo and Laura Morrison will cosponsor a non-binding resolution for adoption which calls “for a Constitutional Amendment and/or other legislative actions ensuring that money is not speech, and therefore the expenditure of money to influence the electoral or legislative process is not a form of constitutionally protected speech, and shall be regulated.”  This is agenda item #53 on the draft Council meeting agenda.

This resolution was proposed to City Council by the Occupy Austin End Corporate Personhood Working Group, Coffee Party Austin, and Central Texas Move to Amend, who are all part of the grassroots partnership known as Texans United to Amend. This effort is part of a larger nationwide campaign to garner support for a constitutional amendment to reverse U. S. Supreme Court decisions that have equated money with speech and given corporations free reign to spend corporate money to influence elections.

If passed, Austin will join over 300 municipalities that have passed similar resolutions, and will be the first of its kind to pass in Texas.  This resolution is supported by numerous civic organizations and local businesses in Austin.


  1. Please email or call Council Members Spelman, Tovo and Morrison, and thank them for agreeing to sponsor this resolution.
  2. Please email or call the Mayor and all other Council Members today to ask them to consponsor this resolution.
  3. Please appear at the City Council meeting on January 17 to show your support. Parking is free in the City Hall parking garage. You can sign up to speak on agenda item #53 at the City Hall kiosks starting on Monday, January 14.
  4. Attend a rally on the City Hall Plaza from 4-6 p.m. on January 17.  Council Member Spelman is expected to address the rally at 5:30 p.m.
  5. Sign the Texans United to Amend petition at bit.ly/TXUnited2Amend

Contact information for Austin City Council:

Mayor Lee Leffingwell    lee.leffingwell@austintexas.gov
Amy Everhart (Policy Director)   amy.everhart@austintexas.gov   974-2250

Mayor Pro Tem, Place 6, Sheryl Cole    sheryl.cole@austintexas.gov
Michael McGill (Policy Director)   michael.mcgill@austintexas.gov   974-2266

Council Member Place 1, Chris Riley   chris.riley@austintexas.gov
Matt Parkerson (Executive Assistant) matt.parkerson@austintexas.gov  974-6023

Council Member Place 2, Mike Martinez    mike.martinez@austintexas.gov
Robert Garza (Chief of Staff)   bobby.garza@austintexas.gov    974-2264

Council Member Place 3, Kathie Tovo   kathie.tovo@austintexas.gov
Shannon Halley (Policy Aide)    shannon.halley@austintexas.gov    974-2236

Council Member Place 4, Laura Morrison   laura.morrison@austintexas.gov
Leslie Hethcox (Constituent Liaison)   leslie.hethcox@austintexas.gov   974-2258

Council Member Place 5, Bill Spelman   bill.spelman@austintexas.gov
Heidi Gerbracht (Policy Director)   heidi.gerbracht@austintexas.gov   974-2256

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  1. The resolution passed unanimously!

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