Undercover Profiles: Occupy Austin

by Ronnie Garza


By this point many people are aware that Occupy Austin had undercover officers embedded. From records obtained in court we know that a total of 6 officers were involved with Occupy Austin but only 3 were involved with the Port of Houston Solidarity Action on December 12th 2011.  Occupy Austin had to be tipped off and find the identity of the first Detective, Shannon Dowell.  The other two detectives were named in court as Deek Moore and Rick Reza.  The name of a fourth undercover officer was obtained by Occupy Austin from an Open Records Request with the city.  Back in December of 2011 we submitted a request for information.  When we finally got the information, not much seemed relevant but after finding out about the undercover officers and re-examining the Open Records Request it is clear that we found the identity of a final undercover detective: Shane Woodward.  The following is a profile of the 3 officers, we are asking for any help in developing the profile of the 4th officer, Shane Woodward.  The Officers will be ordered by apparent ranking within the operation, Deek Moore being the lead undercover followed by Shannon Dowell and Rick Reza.



Detective Kelly Deek Moore, APD, Human Trafficking/Vice

Kelly Deek Moore, or “Dirk” as he went by at Occupy Austin was the point man between APD brass and the other undercover detectives.  Notably, Deek is a musician AND activist AND detective.  Detective Deek Moore joined APD’s Human Trafficking/Vice Unit in June 2010. He began his law enforcement career with the Amarillo Police Department in 1995. Detective Moore came to the Austin Police Department through a modified academy in 1999, and has been assigned to various patrol areas, including bike patrol in the downtown entertainment district and West Campus area of UT. Moore has worked a variety of undercover assignments, including 5 years with Southwest Street Response – a unit that addressed street-level narcotics, prostitution, serial crimes and warrant service. In 2008 he promoted to the rank of detective, and was assigned to SW Investigations. Detective Moore served as a South Bureau night shift detective for a year before coming to the Human Trafficking Task Force. He has taken an active role in the grassroots volunteer group Allies Against Slavery, which supplements the efforts of the Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CTCAHT).

Salary:  $83,381

Best Quotes: (from the APD Packet)

“Leading the action” (pg. 48)


Dowell 12/3/11 10:10pm

Hey Tricky Ricky, we prob meeting with Fusion and our chain tomorrow afternoon to discuss tonight’s meeting. Just FYI

Rick 12/04/11 11:24pm

What time and where. What happened

Moore 12/04/11

Won’t know till tomorrow. Probably 1pm or later at the Fusion center, Shannon and I are leading the action against Wal-Mart distribution center in New Braunfels. Just kidding about that last part. Sort of…

“It was Classic!” (pg. 81)

Schmidt 12/7/11 2:19PM

Anything from last night?

Moore 12/7/11 2:32PM

Nothing notable, Except one girl telling a small group, ‘you know we can’t surprise the cops. They’re probably tapping our phones and sending people to our GA’s’ It was classic! :)

“Twitter dee or twitter dum” (pg. 541)

Rick 12/08/11 12:32am

You guys ever leave

Moore 12/08/11

Yeah…I took twitter dee, or twitter dum home. My good samaritain deed for the week.









Detective Shannon Dowell, APD, Narcotics


Not as much is known about Shannon other than he was our first lead on this case.  His first name was given to us in a tip-off email we got from a concerned citizen.  We know that Dowell had infiltrated the group as early as Oct. 3rd along with Det. Moore.  We also know that he had an epic beard and was something of an instigator.  Dowell was known to come up to folks and ask when we were going to “make something happen”, and start “acting” rather than “debating” all the time.  In the end, Dowell still has some of the most interesting things to reveal about this operation, which are still being debated and obscured today by the APD.  Dowell said his chain of command went to the Cheif and he was working under an “intelligence unit” (ARIC), but the details of command and control of this operation are still unknown, even by the APD.

Salary: $95,464

Best Quotes: (from the APD Packet)

“Distract the responding police” (pg. 48)

Deek is chaining himself to an 19 wheeled !!!
Rick, ur job is to bring a bunch of strippers to distract the responding police!






Detective Rick Reza, APD, Narcotics


Even less is known about our pipe wielding friend here, Det. Reza.  We know that he was not with the camp as early as Moore and Dowell but they had been to numerous actions before the 12th.  One of the most outstanding things Reza did, besides pose for this epic photo, was to bring a bag of bricks to a march.  Yes, Rick Bag-O-Bricks brought a full bag of bricks to a march and let organizers know that he had them ready in case they wanted to “kick it up a notch.”

Salary: $76,496

Best Quotes: (from the APD Packet)

“They make you guys the leaders!/Put that on my stats” (pg. 107)


Rick 12/12/11 7:30pm

Natalie atwater, Emily?, Duffy got arrested on felony charges in Houston. They all had PVC pipes on them.

Gonzalez 12/12/11 8:49p

Great news!! The PVC worked! Free the 99%! thanks.


No problem. That’s 8 ppl we won’t see for a while. Ha ha


Sounds good…they make you guys the leaders!!

Rick 12/12/11 9:09p

Sounds like a plan. So do we get credit for 3 felony arrests and 5 md? Put that on my stats

Gonzalez 12/12/11 10:47p

Yes u do!





Detective Shane Woodward, APD, Narcotics


Help us get a picture of Shane Woodward!  An email we obtained from an Open Records Request is sent from Det. Shane Woodward reporting back the announcements of a General Assembly on Oct. 3rd 2011.  This meeting was held BEFORE there was an Occupy Austin camp with two attorneys present.  We have the minutes of that meeting here.  Woodward mentions both Det. Moore and Dowell in his reportback which makes it clear that he was working in an undercover capacity as Det. Dowell had a full beard and would have stood out as a police officer had he been in uniform.  We obtained info from the Open Records Request back in early 2012 but it was not until we had more information from court which made it clear that Woodward was one of the 6 UC’s named in the APD Packet.  We have not uploaded the entire contents of the Open Records Request yet, just the email from Woodward, but there may be more clues in there as to what happened and who was involved.   If anyone has any additional information about Woodward, especially an image, please send us info through social media or send email to interocc@occupyausin.org


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