“Rudy” – Locker Room Speech

It’s 3rd and long with 1:55 left on the clock and no time outs. They want to run out the clock.

The House Federalism Committee still hasn’t given House bills HJR-94 and HCR-21 against Citizens United v. FEC a hearing. We MUST get a hearing scheduled THIS WEEK, which means they must hear from you by TOMORROW (Friday 4/26).

Committee Chairman Brandon Creighton’s office is telling us they aren’t getting many calls on HJR-94 and HCR-21. Take 15 seconds and show them we are TOO STRONG!

Call Chairman Creighton (pronounced “cray-ton”) at 512-463-0726. Tell the nice staffer that answers, “I want Rep. Creighton to pass HJR-94 and HCR-21* through the Federalism Committee so my representative can have a floor vote on it in the House.”

CRITICAL! After you call, email Todd Jagger at Wolf-PAC (todd@wolf-pac.com) to let him know you’ve called Creighton’s office. (Remember, Creighton’s staff says they aren’t getting too many calls)

The Texas House is OUR house. Are we gonna let them push us around? Hell no!

This is it. It’s up to you.
Just one thing.
Will you do it?

Let’s Make History!

* – HJR-94 is the Wolf-PAC resolution that bypasses our broken and bought Congress to call an Article V Convention to propose an amendment to fix money in politics; HCR-21 is the Move To Amend resolution which asks Congress to propose an amendment. We support our brothers (and sisters) in arms at Wolf-PAC Texas and Move To Amend and they support us.

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