Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/167699093423033/

War, corruption, injustice, environmental destruction, growing economic inequality, violation of human rights: there are many problems facing the world today, which is yours? In an effort to build relations among local activist and concerned citizens alike Occupy Austin invites you and your organization or working group to join us in celebration of our two year anniversary.


As a non-ideological, non-partisan group of political activists Occupy Austin encourages those with political, social, moral, or environmental grievances to join us in a co-operative day of action: building relationships around the solutions to problems facing the world that bring can bring us together in the first place.


We meet at city hall! The birthplace of our movement and a people’s common. We will meet here with various working groups, an open mic, a DJ, possibly even a movie, and internet access. Bring yourself, your grievance; and together we will work on changing the world.


Because we are unstoppable!

another world is possible!

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