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Strike Debt Offers Clinic for Austin Debtors

With Millions in Debt Nationwide, Local Residents Should Know Their Rights

For many, angry phone calls from debt collectors are a way of life. For others that have made good decisions it may only take one illness or missed paycheck to force a person into debt. Yet many debtors don’t know their rights, or that fair credit laws allow them to make demands of collection agencies and stop most phone calls.

On Monday, March 3rd, Strike Debt Austin will hold an open Debtor’s Clinic, the first local event of its kind. At the clinic, which is free to all, organizers Maryann Philbrook and Ronnie Garza will discuss the ethics of debt, after which participants will learn about their rights and ways to respond to collection attempts.

With more people indebted than ever, it is important that the public be aware of their legal rights when it comes to debt and debt collectors. “Many of us are under the impression that enormous debt and outrageous interest is the way it’s always been,” said Maryann Philbrook an organizer with Strike Debt Austin, “But in reality the sky high levels of debt are a modern phenomenon. People are making enormous profit while others are going into debt just to pay for basic necessities. Something has to change.”

The first Strike Debt Austin Debtor’s Clinic takes place Monday, March 3rd at 6pm at the Pleasant Hill Branch Library Room 2, 211 E. William Cannon Dr, Austin, Texas 78745. Interested residents should bring information about their debts or questions about collection.

Strike Debt Austin

A regional branch of the national Strike Debt movement, through our quarterly debt clinics and using tools like the Debt Resistor’s Operations Manual (, Strike Debt Austin hopes to build a local union of debtors.

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