Current Proposals

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Past Proposals

2/20/12 – General Assembly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL – made by FWG: Proposal to pass rules regarding the operation of FWG.
  1. SECTION 6 – FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Any denials have to be written down, so the written concern is present at the next meeting. Friendly Amendment PASSED.Section 6 PASSED.
  2. SECTION 7 – Section 7 TABLED.


  • PROPOSAL – made by Caroline: Proposal to send a sample resolution they would like to introduce to City Council to overturn corporate personhood. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL – made by Maryann: Proposal for budget for Occupy Southby. Promotion costs $352 (posters, marketing, etc) Production costs $975 (permits, prizes, food, etc) Total cost is $1327 Due to generous donations, tonight, the request is $707 FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Supply cost seems low, we might want to increase that. Friendly Amendment PASSED. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: The money goes on a pre-paid debit card so we can track all expenses. Friendly Amendment PASSED.FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: get two cards so you can send two people out. Friendly Amendment WITHDRAWN. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Change the honorarium from $100 to a large thank you poster. Friendly Amendment PASSED.  FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Can we auction off the original art and give her a portion of the proceeds. Friendly Amendment DENIED. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: can we specify that we are not selling things, but we are accepting donations. Friendly Amendment DENIED. Proposal PASSED 

2/15/12 – General Assembly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL: made by Dave – Proposal to recoup $50 of the expense he spent on getting posters of the police action on February 3rd.  He spent $108.  He would like to get the GA to consent to give him the money. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: made by FWG – Proposal to pass rules regarding the operation of FWG.  
  1. Section 1 PASSED.
  2. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: the meeting location is specified as City Hall or Austin Java.  Friendly Amendment PASSED. FRIENDLY AMENDEMENT: Emergency GA’s can be called for emergency funds. Friendly Amendment PASSED. Section 2 PASSED.
  3. Section 3 PASSED.
  4. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: This is only for more than  $100 and emergencies are exempted from this requirement. Friendly Amendment PASSED. Section 4 PASSED.
  5. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: the finance working group must get back to the person within 48 hours.Friendly Amendment PASSED. Section 5 PASSED.



2/6/12 – General Assembly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL: made by Michelle – Proposal to give possession of laptop won from Firedoglake to infoscribe/livestreamer/web team Corey Williams due to laptop being damaged Friday night during the eviction by the police while livestreaming. Friendly amendment: Corey holds temporary possession of laptop until he has his old laptop fixed or replace. FA Passed. Friendly amendment:OA places a stick of identification on the laptop signalling that it belongs to the group. FA Passed. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: made by Amanda – proposal to endorse statement and action against readiness testing in Austin/Texas schools. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: made by Heather – proposal to petition the city as Occupy Austin for an urban land grant so we can create our own space. Proposal PASSED.



2/4/12 – General Assembly at City Hall (WIP)

  • PROPOSAL: made by Mike – Occupy City Council/Marc Ott’s office – Proposal to Occupy City Council meetings with our grievances in regards to city issues and city’s handling of OA eviction. Proposal PASSED.



2/2/12 – General Assembly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL: made by Kit – proposal to issue a statement of solidary with Occupy Oakland and their recent wave of arrests. BLOCK issued over concerns of language in regards to “non-violence”.Proposal TABLED to work on language of statement


  • PROPOSAL: made by Ronnie – proposal to create a general OA list serv for outreach. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: made by Dave – proposal to make Thursday night GAs a “Spokes Council” for work group “reps” to touch base with one another instead of GAs. Proposal PASSED.



2/1/12 – General Assemly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL: made collectively – to do nothing in regards to the request to move the media & medic tents per request of the city. Proposal PASSED.



1/28/12 – General Assembly at City Hall


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Bishop – Proposal to send the city of Austin a letter encouraging the city to pass a resolution to require the labeling of all GMO products. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT To create an Open working group to finalize the text of the document before sending it to the city, to meet after tonight’s GA. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT PASSED Propossal PASSED


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Collin – Proposal to make a grey water filtration system (see 1/23/12). Suggestion that this should become a working group. Proposal TABLED.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Claire/Finance – Proposal regarding new policies on how the finance working group will operate. Not enough people have read the proposal. Proposal TABLED



1/26/12 – General Assembly at City Hall


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Claire – proposal by the finance working group to implement processes for getting nonprofit status for financial help for Occupy Austin. Proposal TABLED due to quorum loss.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Claire – proposal to lower the quorum to twenty people present due to the decreased attendance at General Assemblies. Discussion about possibly having fewer GA’s to increase attendance. Proposal TABLED.




1/23/12 – General Assembly at City Hall


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Maryann – proposal for Occupy Austin to officially partner with the Million Musicians March for Peace on March 17th during SXSW. The group is willing to work with consensus and have Occupy speakers and musicians as part of the march. Proposal PASSED.
  • PROPOSAL: Made by Collin – proposal to get a water filtration system for City Hall occupiers to have a constant supply of water. Was unsure if we should go for the $70 device or the bigger $260 device. Several proposals have been made of this, but no moving forward on any of those. Proposal TABLED.



1/18/12 – General Assembly at City Hall


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Amanda – proposal to cancel GA on Monday, January 30th, for the AISD school board meeting and OA endorse the action to protest AISD. Proposal PASSED.


1/16/12 – General Assembly at City Hall

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Chris Nielsen – proposal for basecamp bills to be given some financial help from OA from the time basecamp was open. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT – $400 to go to basecamp immediately. Chris will come back to the GA in a few GAs when ready to present a fair percentage to pay towards the basecamp bills. Chris is NOT asking for all money to be paid, just a percentage to be consensed upon at a later date. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Claire – proposal to bring ALL General Assemblies BACK to City Hall Plaza, no more GAs at the Capitol unless specifically consensed upon. Proposal PASSED.


1/12/12 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Kenneth – proposal that all money raised by benefits put on by the PR/Fundraising Group (Rockupy, Standup Benefit, etc.) go into the OA general fund and the GA decides where/who that money goes to. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Levi – proposal for $200 to be given to the folks heading to DC to represent Occupy Austin at #J17. The money will be utilized for emergency purposes only and given back if not used. Finance magnet stood aside during consensus with concern that it would take away half of our current available funds. Proposal PASSED.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Kit – proposal to remove the forums on due to no-moderation and heavy trolling. Concerns about the forums being a spot that newcomers go to first for information and that OA people need to start utilizing it again. Proposal WITHDRAWN.


  • PROPOSAL: Made by Cedric – proposal for $150 for screenprinting supplies to start up Cedric’s OA Design & Apparel business that would also provide jobs to occupiers. Lots of concerns about business structure and the lack of funds currently available. Proposal TABLED.


1/9/12 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Maryann – proposal that Occupy Austin pays for printing of OA Newsletter that’s made by media group. New issue once a week, $13.02 in printing costs a week. Friendly Amendment accepted: OA will pay for 2 months of the newsletter while media team researches cheaper or free ways to quickly and efficiently print the newsletter and brings solutions to GA at the end of 2 months. Proposal PASSED.


1/7/12 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Joe Cooper – proposal to make indefinite the quorum of 30 people needed to pass consensus on proposals. The quorum was set temporarily in December as a way to keep big decisions from being decided upon with a small group at GA during the holidays. This proposal is to make this a rule for all GAs and not just during the holidays. Proposal PASSED.
  • PROPOSAL: Made by Pops – proposal that big events, proposals, meetings should be declared to the GA at least 2 GAs in advance of the proposal, event, or meeting to allow for everyone to find out about it and act accordingly. Concerns about emergency GAs came up. Proposal TABLED.


1/5/12 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Kit – proposal that we officially offer a stance of solidarity with the newly formed Occupy Nigeria group. Read a short statement of solidarity: “Occupy Austin is in solidarity with the peaceful protesters of Nigeria. Occupy Nigeria! Occupy Austin! Occupy Everywhere!”  Proposal PASSED.


1/4/12 – General Assembly at the Capitol:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Steve – proposal that we look into the offer of land from the First Unitarian Universalist Church. Dave Cortez is looking into it. Proposal TABLED – INDIVIDUALS LOOKING INTO THIS


1/2/12 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Jonathan Cronin – proposal to have an official presence at the MLK march on January 16th. Was unclear what he meant by presence (join the march? have our own? direct action?) Proposal TABLED – WORK GROUP FORMED


12/26/11 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Azzurra – to appoint Claire as the new finance magnet. The finance team has been in shambles and no one has heard from the old magnet, Nate. Claire has been with OA since day 1 and will be in charge of handling the email account. Proposal PASSED.


12/22/11 – General Assembly at City Hall:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by Natalie – “Skill Sharing Initiative”: Proposal to encourage everyone to get with another person they are not familiar with, team up, pick an issue they want to work together on, then report back to the GA about their experience and what they learned about one another. POINT OF PROCESS: Sounds like this should be a working group. FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Made by Turtle – Have everyone just introduce themselves at the GA instead. Friendly amendment DENIED. Proposal TABLED may just become a working group.


12/21/11 – General Assembly at the Capitol:

  • PROPOSAL: Made by me (Michelle) – Proposal to allow Jamie Leigh facebook admin status in order for another person to help with posting important events and reminders. Proposal PASSED.