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Occupy Austin: Year 3

Ronnie : October 2, 2013 1:58 pm : General Assembly, News, Welcome Wagon


Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/167699093423033/

War, corruption, injustice, environmental destruction, growing economic inequality, violation of human rights: there are many problems facing the world today, which is yours? In an effort to build relations among local activist and concerned citizens alike Occupy Austin invites you and your organization or working group to join us in celebration of our two year anniversary.


As a non-ideological, non-partisan group of political activists Occupy Austin encourages those with political, social, moral, or environmental grievances to join us in a co-operative day of action: building relationships around the solutions to problems facing the world that bring can bring us together in the first place.


We meet at city hall! The birthplace of our movement and a people’s common. We will meet here with various working groups, an open mic, a DJ, possibly even a movie, and internet access. Bring yourself, your grievance; and together we will work on changing the world.


Because we are unstoppable!

another world is possible!

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Community Potluck – June 3, 2012, 1-5 PM

Lainie : May 23, 2012 9:42 am : Events, Uncategorized, Welcome Wagon


Join us for a community potluck at Northwest park!

Bring food, games, books, and ideas for discussion to

Northwest Park (7000 Ardath, Austin, TX 78757)

 Sunday, June 3 from 1-5 PM.

Share ideas for building community, confronting injustice, and creating a better world. ALL ARE WELCOME. ♥

After the potluck, stick around for a 5 PM teach-in on Non-Violent Communication.

***PLEASE FEEL FREE TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS, bring your family, and offer a skillshare.***

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***Call for Emergency solidarity GA***Please distribute this message widely***

Lainie : May 20, 2012 8:51 am : Civil Liberties & Privacy, Events, General Assembly, News, Spread the Word, Welcome Wagon

Dear Friends,

Last night, a large group of peaceful people took the streets to protest the war machine and promote a better world. The response by the Chicago Police Department (among other agencies) was to block, beat, bloody, and even run them over with a truck. In addition, 4 livestreamers, including Timcast – who was here in Austin and did a teach-in for us during sxsw – were detained and interrogated AT GUNPOINT on their way home from the protest. They have reason to believe the house they were staying in was raided by police, and there was worry that material evidence may have been planted during that raid, as is suspected to have been done just days before with the NATO 3.

What better place than a COMMUNITY POTLUCK to gather ALL communities to decide how we will respond to the escalation of tactics against our right to express our dissatisfaction with the ruling class and its henchpeople.

Come one, come all to Pease Park today, 2 PM, near the volleyball courts. Invite your friends, bring your families, and lets make a plan for responding to the tactics used by the Chicago Police Department, and for moving forward in solidarity against an increasingly unjust system. ♥ Lainie

Potluck Event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/239835996117679/

Communique 246 from OWS: http://occupywallstreet.net/story/communiqu%C3%A9-246

Police Van pushing protester, now hospitalized AND arrested:http://occupysydney.visibli.com/share/JzCnoq

Violence against protesters (trigger warning):http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/05/20/1093159/-Occupy-Chicago-Police-Violence-Video-Liveblog-Updates-sadly-Expected?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

Raid on livestreamers:

Teach-in event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/297947060294194/


PB&J Action!

Lainie : May 16, 2012 7:27 pm : End Homelessness, Events, Food Issues, Local Outreach, Spread the Word, Uncategorized, Welcome Wagon


Join members of Occupy Austin and other activist groups in sharing food, cigarettes, and mobile phone minutes with people who are currently homeless and/or hungry. We will also encourage them to share their stories, particularly their experiences with the Austin Police Department, in solidarity with the Peaceful Streets Project (http://peacefulstreets.com/)

Thursday, May 17, 6:30 PM, meet up at Wooldridge Park

Please Bring:
Peanut butter
Knives for spreading pb&j
Recording equipment
Mobile phones that can be loaned

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Notes from Anti-Oppressive Parenting Teach-in

Lainie : May 14, 2012 9:31 am : Uncategorized, Welcome Wagon

The lexicon (of sorts) of oppressive parenting:

“Man up”
“You’re not as _______ as you used to be.” (compliment veiled in criticism or vice versa)
“Why can’t you be more like ________.”
Differing expectations of different genders
Grouping siblings together
“dysfunctional family” (define dysfunction.)
Comparative dysfunction
Cycle of abuse
“Boys can’t be princesses.”
Invalidating fears/”irrational” fears
Infantilizing/fear of independence of children
Control issues
Power dynamics
“Pray away the gay”
“Why are you doing this to me!”
Stigma of free range kids
Boundaries vs. natural/logical consequences
“goody two shoes”
Birth order (oldest=more discipline, youngest=neglected)
Pressure to have children
“I was a fucking stubborn bastard.” -Carey Neal Dunn


In summary, as the crowd was mostly people who didn’t have children, we discussed how our relationships with our parents were and were not oppressive. The takeaway for me, as a parent, was that kids end up ok either way, so they might as well be free (easy to say, less easy to practice – especially when your 15 year old isn’t doing his homework and is sleeping all day.)

The ultimate takeaway was “All that shit we talked about that your parents did that was oppressive? Don’t do that shit to your kids.”

Next week’s teach-in (5/20 at 5 PM) will be on the topic of Environmental Racism at Pease Park (near the volleyball courts.) Facebook event link  /Google Calendar event link

The following week is Harvey Milk Day, and we will not have a teach-in. I will be working on the June/July/possibly August calendar this week. Thanks so much for all who have participated in these discussions.

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