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Next Meeting : Wed, Dec 21, 2011 : 7-9pm : New World Deli
Last meeting before taking two weeks off for the holidays.

OA IT Meeting Notes 2011.12.14
OA IT Meeting Notes 2011.12.06


The IT Working Group works to support the occupation with technical expertise.

Livestream Working Group

Email for Livestream Working Group:

Occupy Austin Livestream

Needs: Hand warmers, usb web cams, windows laptops ($500 range), usb lights.


The Freedom Tower is a Wi-fi tower designed to allow for encrypted communications between occupation sites. There are currently 3 Freedom Towers up in different cities. Austin was the first city to have a Freedom Tower.

Dec 11th: Construction is complete! We are waiting to deploy until there is a viable power source, but wow she is looking good! Thanks to all that worked to make MackII!

Dec 6th: Freedom Tower is currently is being weather-proofed for the coming season. Needs: $300 to replace a router destroyed by the elements. Donations can be made to with Occupy Austin Freedom Tower in the memo line.

More about the Freedom Tower

Occupy Apps

Dec 10th Meeting Notes

For Full Information:

The Occupy Apps group is concerned with developing, cataloging and promoting applications and software of use to occupations, protests, and civil manifestations. This includes a focus on secure peer-to-peer mesh networking technologies using ad hoc infrastructure and integrated with a range of mobile devices.

Purpose Secure, decentralized communication media are essential for maintaining resilience in the context of political movements and events. Without autonomous systems, communication channels can be easily monitored or shut down, or fall prey to conventional connectivity disruptions at crucial moments. With autonomous systems, occupiers and protestors can maintain their own networks using hardware in the vicinity and integrate it with their own computers and mobile devices.

Occupy Austin Power Station Collective

Dec 19th :: The first solar power station has been deployed at City Hall!!

The OA power station will be a self-sustaining system for generating electricity on-site at an occupy-style camp. The system will be used to permanently power the Freedom Tower (which provides wifi at the OA site), maintain Livestream equipment, and charge other personal electronics on-site. The prototype of the design consists of solar panels and bicycle generators as inputs to a battery bank. Outputs will be going to the Freedom Tower, dedicated Livestream equipment charging stations, and a general purpose DC/AC inverter. See the schematic for the power station design for more information.

They have put a call for donations out & are giving people time to make donations before requesting financing from the GA.

Also check out the Occupy Sustainability project, with several ways of making Bike and Solar power generators.

There is a similar effort in NY: about, pictures.

UAV Project Group

We are on break, but are generally seeking more electric airplane hobbyists.

Other Links

* Occupy Radio, is not part of the IT working group (though we love them quite alot). Their information has been moved to their own wiki page.